Black Adam: Amanda Waller's Role Revealed

Black Adam does have an appearance from Amanda Waller during its runtime. In the DC Comics adventure, Viola Davis' stern government official enlists the Justice Society of America to help reign in Teth-Adam. Establishing a Task Force X black site, Waller conspires to have the team bring Dwayne Johnson's antihero into custody. It's a long battle, but Waller emerges unscathed. Plus, for Peacemaker fans, Agent Harcourt is also helping with the operation. Now, the world waits to see how DC decides to proceed. There are a number of paths the future could take. Elements of different phases of the company's history are all here and coexisting. So, the questions become even murkier for the future after Black Adam.

HBO Max reportedly has an Amanda Waller series in development after her appearance in The Suicide Squad. Fans really loved her quick cameos in Peacemaker too. So, it would make sense that DC management would want to keep such an accomplished actress around for whatever they're planning to do next. For now, questions of the canonicity of the post-Snyder DC Universe and the status of Black Adam in the timeline is a mystery now. 

What's Next For The DC Universe After Black Adam?

When the topic of Superman reared its head, the star was very honest about the prospects when talking to us. "I think the question is, should it be the showdown? I don't know if that's the way to go," Johnson explained to's Brandon Davis when they spoke. "And when fans watch Black Adam and they see the end, and they really pay attention, as I know they will... as they pay attention to the words that were said, they pay attention to the nuance of the looks. We'll let that lead us."

"We can't go right there right away."  he added. "Now we've gotten to a great place where we've delivered for the audience. And when I say 'we're listening to the audience,' they know we mean it. And when we say, 'we're building up the DC Universe,' we mean it. This is what we mean. And when we say, 'welcome home,' you know who I'm talking about." 

Black Adam is in theaters now.

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