Black Adam's Connection to Peacemaker Explained

Black Adam has flown his way into theaters and with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson promising that some major elements from the DC Cinematic Universe will come into play in the first film featuring Khandaq's savior, a major connection to HBO Max's Peacemaker has been revealed. With season two already confirmed for the HBO Max television series that arrived earlier this year, Black Adam confirms that the characters and elements from the John Cena-led project are in play for the rest of the film universe.

Peacemaker is a very different animal from Black Adam, leaning far more into surreal comedy thanks to the mind of James Gunn but still having plenty of violence, which might just put Johnson's character to shame thanks to the film's PG-13 rating. To help shed a light on the connection between the two DC properties, at one point in the latest film, Teth Adam has lost the use of his powers and has been captured by Amanda Waller's forces thanks in part to a heart-to-heart with Hawkman as The Rock's character laid out how he came to have his powers through the same magical forces responsible for Shazam.

Black Adam/Peacemaker Crossover Incoming?

When Teth is brought to Amanda Waller's facility that is under the ocean, none other than Peacemaker's Emilia Harcourt, played by Jennifer Holland, is there to greet him and make sure that he is unable to have access to his powers as Black Adam. While John Cena nor any of the other characters from Peacemaker were present during these scenes, it's clear that both properties under the Warner Bros umbrella take place within the same universe.

We here at had the opportunity to speak with Harcourt's actress, Jennifer Holland, following the Peacemaker finale to get a better sense of how she felt regarding her character development in the HBO Max success story:

"I love her character arc through the whole season. I think it's really, really nuanced and it doesn't rush itself. I really love the way that it was written into the whole series. I think, for me, I didn't want to hold back. I wanted Harcourt to be as cold and closed off as she could be in the earlier episodes, because I wanted her to really have that full character arc throughout the season.

I think the interesting thing is that we don't know where she goes from here. She's not exactly an open book now. She still has a lot of demons and a lot of stuff to deal with. Emotionally, she's still very closed off. But she — at this point, I think — has finally accepted that it's okay to have a team, and it's okay to have a family. Whereas when we saw her at the beginning of the series, she was such a lone wolf. She felt like she was just carrying everyone else, and everyone else was just a liability to her. She thought she would be better off alone. I think she has accepted that there is value in having a team and having a family."

Black Adam is now in theaters.