Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Nearly Double That of Critics

Black Adam's audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is basically double that of the critics' score. On the review aggregator site, the fans have Dwayne Johnson's latest sitting at 88% freshness. Meanwhile, the tomato meter hovers at 44%. A lot was made of the critic impressions of the DC Comics movie before its release. But, The Rock has pretty much always been a box office draw. It will be interesting to see how Black Adam does when compared with other comic book releases this year. Multiple observers lament that no other types of movies besides horror films really stand a chance at the multiplex. Both Johnson and the company are betting big on The Man in Black. The post credits scene will dominate conversation as well. But, the fans seem to be regarding it warmly.

"We want to do long form storytelling," Garcia explained to recently. "We're not looking for a quick one off or something like that. These guys exist in the same universe and there's a lot of fun to be had when you have basically the two most powerful beings in the universe that's on opposite sides, but also have some very interesting similarities to them. For us, there's a lot of opportunities to tell. Some great stories around."

The Rock's Plans For the DC Cinematic Universe's Brandon Davis spoke to The Rock about what's next. Could there be a full-scale bout with Superman? "I think the question is, should it be the showdown? I don't know if that's the way to go," Johnson elaborated. "And when fans watch Black Adam and they see the end, and they really pay attention, as I know they will... as they pay attention to the words that were said, they pay attention to the nuance of the looks. We'll let that lead us."

"We can't go right there right away." he cautioned. "Now we've gotten to a great place where we've delivered for the audience. And when I say 'we're listening to the audience,' they know we mean it. And when we say, 'we're building up the DC Universe,' we mean it. This is what we mean. And when we say, 'welcome home,' you know who I'm talking about." 

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