Black Widow Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Out

Black Widow's official score on Rotten Tomatoes is now out. As of writing this, the first wave of [...]

Black Widow's official score on Rotten Tomatoes is now out. As of writing this, the first wave of official Black Widow reviews have culminated in the Marvel movie scoring an aggregate total of 86% on the Tomatometer, with a total of 70 reviews having been posted (60 Fresh and 10 Rotten). Black Widow is the 24th film Marvel Studios has released- and the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film to hit theaters in two years. In that sense, word from critics and the Rotten Tomatoes score are important factors in getting fans back into theaters to see Black Widow.

While the overall score for Black Widow is positive, there are definitely some negative reviews that seem to echo similar points of criticism. Below you'll find a sampling of the different review blurbs being featured on Rotten Tomatoes - starting with our very own Black Widow Review:

Jamie Jirak of says, "While it's hard not to dwell on the fact that Black Widow should have been made a decade ago, the new movie still manages to be a well-placed addition to the franchise and the perfect send-off for Scarlett Johansson and Natasha Romanoff."

Caryn James of BBC says Black Widow's is something of a unique surprise: "Maybe it's no surprise that the film is entertaining and full of action. It is unexpected, though, that Black Widow may be the least Avenger-like movie in the series so far."

Johnny Oleksinski of New York Post adds that Black Widow is really more like a Bond film than an Avengers spinoff: "The movie's vibe isn't like your average MCU entry at all, really. What it reminded me of are the many James Bond films where 007 goes rogue and cavorts around world cities seeking his revenge du jour."

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However, Mara Reinstein of US Weekly argues that the non-existent stakes of this Avengers: Endgame prequel story keep Black Widow from be as compelling as it could be: "The stakes are nonexistent. No matter how many times a bad guy (or girl) aims a gun at our beloved heroine, we know she has a specific Endgame."

Tim Grierson of Screen International adds that, at this point in the franchise, Black Widow feels more like a placeholder film, rather than a proper kick-off to Phase 4 of the MCU: "Black Widow" seems like a missed opportunity - an energetic placeholder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe meant to tide audiences over until a bigger, richer adventure comes along."

And Scott Mendelson of Forbes sees Black Widow as having one real agenda: introducing the next Black Widow to the MCU: "The years-too-late solo flick for Scarlett Johansson's MCU superhero is both too much of a glorified backdoor pilot for its co-star and not up to par with the spy films and espionage thrillers it wishes to emulate."

Black Widow will be in theaters, IMAX, and on Disney+ Premium Access on July 9th.