Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Casting Took Place Years Before Anyone Knew

News of a performer being cast as a beloved character is a secret studios try to keep for as long as possible, with Brie Larson's casting as Captain Marvel for the Marvel Cinematic Universe not being revealed until San Diego Comic-Con in 2016, but the actress recently revealed that she had been cast as the character and been involved in the costuming process long before anyone knew about it. She did offer a hint of being involved with Disney when she shared a photo of herself in front of Jabba the Hutt, though Larson noted this photo was taken before fans learned the exciting news.

"I believe that day, what people don't know, is that was the day that I went in to get scanned for them to start making the Captain Marvel costume," Larson shared on First We Feast. "So that was like, years before anybody even knew. It was cool because I was able to share in my excitement of that without giving away the larger thing. It's like I got to share in the moment without actually sharing in the moment."

Despite being officially cast as Carol Danvers in 2016, fans didn't see her take on the role until Captain Marvel hit theaters in early 2019. While the actress might have literally said she was being fitted "years before anybody even knew," she likely means she was being fitted before it was officially announced, which would have been years before anyone actually saw her in her Captain Marvel costume.

While the film is easily her most well-known performance in her career, the actress is well aware that, more than just playing a character for a movie, she is symbolically representing a character that countless people look up to.

"I felt the importance of creating a symbol when I was making Captain Marvel," Larson explained to Variety last year. "But once I'm done on set filming, and then especially when the movie's out, I am here to allow people to know that there's an experience they can have access to if they want, but it's not mine anymore. You know, and Captain Marvel's definitely not mine anymore. And it makes me so thrilled that it's beyond me. It wasn't until I actually had the action figure in my hand that I was, like, 'Whoa!' Kids can now be on the floor, and Captain Marvel can have unlimited experiences."


Fans will next see Larson in Captain Marvel 2, which is currently slated to hit theaters on Jul 8, 2022.

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