'Coco' Projected to Beat 'Justice League' Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Justice League may have seen a significant bump at the box office Tuesday, but Coco is still on [...]

Justice League may have seen a significant bump at the box office Tuesday, but Coco is still on track to outpace the DC Extended Universe film over the holiday weekend.

According to Variety, early estimates have Justice League matching forecasts of between $60 million and $65 million for the Wednesday through Sunday Thanksgiving holiday weekend. However, Coco is outperforming expectations, which had been in the $55 million to $60 million range. The Disney/Pixar film was said to be bringing in about $12 million on Wednesday as compared to Justice League's $10.3 million for the same time frame.

This isn't the first time we've heard that Coco may beat Justice League over the holiday weekend. Earlier this week Deadline reported that the animated film had a shot at outpacing the superhero movie, but that was before news of Disney's animation chief John Lasseter taking a six-month leave over allegations of sexual harassment broke yesterday. However, the news thus far doesn't appear to be impacting the movie. Coco, which follows a young boy who explores his family history in the Land of the Dead, is already a blockbuster in Mexico. The film has brought in $48.8 million following its October 20th premiere.

The film's Hispanic roots may also help propel it to best Justice League in American box offices as well. The movie is set for showings in 268 Spanish-language locations and is expected to perform well within the Hispanic community. And Coco has moviegoing trend in its favor as well. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is traditionally a prime time for Disney family films. Frozen set the record in 2013 with $93 million during the five-day weekend with last year's Moana following with $82 million.

Both Coco and Justice League are in theaters now.