Deadpool Added to Netflix in UK

The United Kingdom is about to see the full force of Ryan Reynolds. As of Friday, Reynolds' Deadpool has been added to Netflix in the country. Despite not holding streaming rights to it stateside, Netflix has started rolling the flick featuring the Merc With a Mouth in select markets internationally. If you're hoping to watch it here, Deadpool's only available for streaming with a subscription to fuboTV or the FX app.

Things are even bleaker for Deadpool 2, which isn't available on any streaming platform in the United States. If you're hoping to see the follow-up, you'll have to buy a physical copy or purchased a VOD digital copy wherever movies are sold.

Regardless of wherever you can watch the Deadpool flicks, those movies will have to do for the foreseeable future. Despite Reynolds himself seemingly confirming Marvel Studios was working on Deadpool 3 last December, no public movement has taken place on the movie since. Due to the various theatrical release delays, Marvel's likely already scheduled out through the end of 2022.

As recently as May, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld confirmed there's been no movement on a threequel.

"Do I know that there is no movement on a Deadpool 3 right now? I know that. Yes," the creator explained. "And does that worry me? No. Not at all. What I did was I answered a question honestly. And what I learned this week is just lie. Just tell people everything is lollipop and unicorns and rainbows and you’ll be better off in your life because people want to be lied to. Just because some guy goes, ‘Yeah, We’re still moving along’ that’s code for ‘There’s nothing to see here.’"

He added, “My whole thing is you get access to this franchise, go give it priority. And that’s not me acting pretentious. That’s me going ‘This is a pretty valuable commodity.’ And I also have three teenagers and I see how fast their interests come and go and how everything is vying for their attention at all times.”


Deadpool 3 has yet to receive a release date. It also has yet to be confirmed as a movement in development by Kevin Feige and his team at Marvel Studios.

What other mutants do you hope to see in the inevitable Deadpool 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!