Raya and the Last Dragon Animators Spotlighted By Disney

Disney Animation showed off some choice shots from Raya And the Last Dragon this weekend. The [...]

Disney Animation showed off some choice shots from Raya And the Last Dragon this weekend. The Twitter account for the company showcased the world of the film. Raya might be the newest member of the animated club, but the effects on display are still breathtaking. There's just so much to enjoy from the performances and music. Viewers seemed to agree as well, as Raya fared very well on Disney+'s Early Access program. Especially, when you contrast it with Mulan or the current clip for Cruella. So, look at the dazzling work below and see how people responded to it.

Their account wrote, "Our Crowds department for Raya and the Last Dragon brought the world of Talon to life by populating the bustling market with shoppers, merchants, boats, and more! Take a look at these shots by Crowds Artists Krissi Chow, Jack Geckler, and Alberto Luceño Ros."

Comicbook.com had the chance to speak with the director of the film Don Hall about how timely this story ended up being. No one could have predicted that the film would coincide with the pandemic.

"You're absolutely right. There's no way we could have predicted it," Hall said. "But we were certainly aware of it and, in fact, to a point where we actually shifted some of the dialogue of the film and the language in the film to not be that specific. I mean, we were always referring to the Druun as viruses before the pandemic. And then the pandemic hit and it was like, 'I think this is hitting a little too close to home maybe and it could also be perceived as if we're somehow being opportunistic because of the pandemic.' But we were certainly eerily aware of how that was mirroring real life because we were living it. We were living it with being on lockdown. We were living it with friends and family who got COVID. So, it was very top of mind, I will say, during the whole course of making this film."

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