Doctor Strange 2: Hayley Atwell Says Captain Carter Didn't Fit Her Vision for Peggy

Captain Carter actress Hayley Atwell didn't exactly love Peggy Carter's characterization in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In a new interview with Digital Spy, the star explained how she felt in no uncertain terms. Atwell admitted, "It was definitely not, you know, the trajectory that I see for Peggy. I would definitely like her to have more to do." Now, the Agent Carter actress wouldn't be the first star to have some issue with her character in one of these massive franchises. (Looking right at you sequel trilogy Star Wars stars.) But, it is important to note that Captain Carter and the rest of the Illuminati were variants from a different timeline. Whenever we meet Reed Richards of Earth-616 and the Captain Carters from beyond the time stream, it feels like they might be quite a bit different than what fans saw in the Doctor Strange sequel. But, maybe they could make her a bit more lighthearted and altruistic next time around. The Multiverse means that none of this is slowing down. Check out more of her thoughts right here.

"It depends on what Marvel, and what the audiences, want ... I'm a custodian of her. Compared to the rest of my career and everything I've done or my stage work and doing Mission: Impossible now and all the diversity of roles I've played, and the diversity that I get to explore, and to be able to play more complex roles and villains and lots of different things — she is not mine anymore."

Will We See Captain Carter Again?

Fans aren't the only ones that want more of Captain Carter, the actress wouldn't mind picking up the shield again, if the narrative calls for it. In fact, after Multiverse of Madness released, she told the crowd at AwesomeCon that she'll be there if they call again.

"Well...I haven't got news for you. But I share your enthusiasm," Atwelll revealed. "And I would love to if Marvel did find a home for her; that's a home that feels worthy of her in terms of her evolution as a character and development as a character."

"The experience I've had in playing her has given me the most incredible opportunity to hone my particular craft in this franchise. And I've got more to do, and because I feel the fans deserve that. In some ways, with a lot of people, she's a minor player, and it wouldn't make sense if I was to continue to be a minor player in that if it felt like, well, this is a different time. And also particularly as a woman with everything that's happened the last few years. When she says in her timeline, 'I know my value and everyone else's opinion; it doesn't matter,' that's really good." The actress continued.


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