Dredd: Karl Urban Talks Sequels


During a cast interview with 411 Mania, Karl Urban--who plays Judge Dredd in September's Lionsgate release Dredd 3D--addressed the rumors that the film was designed with sequels in mind. According to the actor, the film stands on its own but if he would "definitely love to come back" if the film makes enough money to justify a franchise. "I just want to say if this film is a one-off cult classic, then I'm cool with that because I'm really proud of the film," Urban said in the interview. "And we showed it the other night and the audience loved it. And to me that's like, I'm happy. I'm good. If we don't end making more of these, than I'm cool with that because it's all good on my end. If we're fortunate enough if it blows up at the box office, then absolutely I would definitely love to come back and reprise the role and make more of these. I just think there's so much fertile ground to explore within the character and within the world. And I would love to see the continuing story and the evolution of these characters and the relationship between Anderson and Dredd. And it would be interesting to find out more about the world, more about Dredd. It would be really cool to see the Dark Judges. There's so much. And it would be great to -- we've seen one aspect, one sector of Mega-City One. It would be great to see other aspects." "We'll see a sequel if the gross is above $50 million in the U.S.," writer Alex Garland told an audience in London earlier this month. "It's a simple financial equation. We're an independent movie." Dredd 3D opens in the United States on September 21.