Drew Barrymore Has Surprising Reaction to Hugh Grant's Comments About Her "Horrendous" Singing Voice

Words and Music star Hugh Grant may have publicly insulted co-star Drew Barrymore's singing voice, but the actor/producer/talk-show host has nothing but kind words for Grant, blowing off his comments about her "horrendous" voice by saying that Grant is the kid of friend who shows his love by taking the piss out of you. So while plenty of fans online got up-in-arms about the star's comments, Barrymore wasn't one of them, explaining that she loves Grant and does not think what he said was actually intended in a mean way -- even if it kind of sounded like it.

During a recent interview, Grant said that "barking dogs have better vocalizations" than Barrymore did as a singer in their movie together. It's likely some of Barrymore's defenders expected her to go on her talk show to defend herself. Instead, the response was more amused than offended.

"If you know Hugh, that is his way of loving you," Barrymore said on The Drew Barrymore Show. "I swear, if you know Hugh, like, that is his way of loving you. I swear, okay, so it's funny, too, because there's this thing going around with him and Ashley Graham on the red carpet, and people are like, 'he's such a curmudgeon and she's so thrown.' No, that is Hugh Grant. You think you're getting this charming movie star and what you really get is grumpy Hugh and then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh. When he says that, I'm telling you, he is being absolutely funny, he doesn't mean one negative thing about it."

You can see the video below.

To be fair, "dry British humor" is absolutely a thing, and Grant was a poster child for it during his reign as the king of romantic comedies for a few years there. 

Grant can be seen in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, in theaters on March 31. You can see the film's official synopsis below.

A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers undertake an epic heist to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong people. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves brings the rich world and playful spirit of the legendary roleplaying game to the big screen in a hilarious and action-packed adventure.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Rege-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis, Justice Smith and Hugh Grant, and was directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. Pine will play a bard, Rodriguez is a barbarian, Page plays a paladin, Lillis is a druid, and Smith is a sorcerer. The movie will take place across the Forgotten Realms, with scenes taking place in Waterdeep, Neverwinter, Icewind Dale, and the Underdark. Countless iconic monsters from Dungeons & Dragons are also confirmed to appear, including red and black dragons, mimics, displacer beasts, and owlbears. The Red Wizards of Thay also appear to be one of the main antagonists for the movie, and the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon cast will cameo as a rival adventuring party. 

h/t Movieweb