Emma Stone Comedy Easy A Sequel in the Works

Over ten years after the release of the hit comedy Easy A, a follow-up to the movie is seemingly [...]

Over ten years after the release of the hit comedy Easy A, a follow-up to the movie is seemingly on the way or at least in its early days of development. Speaking in an interview with E! News, Aly Michalka, who starred in the film and is one-half of the music duo Aly & AJ, revealed that the project is potentially happening, saying: "There are talks that there might be a sequel. That actually is semi real....It would be kind of like a new retelling but you'd see some of the characters from the original come back into the story."

Michalka's revelation lines up with a previous report that Bert Royal, screenwriter of the original movie, had been tapped to write and direct a spin-off movie. Variety reported on this back in 2019 but news on the project since then has been non-existent before Michalka's revelation. At the time it was reported that the film would be "set at the same high school and will explore many of the same themes as the original," but it wasn't expected for the cast to appear in the new movie. It's unclear if that spin-off and this new movie that Michalka is teasing are one and the same.

"Times have changed quite a bit since I wrote that movie! The term 'slut-shaming' wasn't even in existence when the movie came out, and people were barely texting back then," Royal revealed to The LA Times after the spinoff was revealed in 2019. "Now, we're in this whole new world where people are very open and things that were taboo even 10 years ago are not as taboo now. There's a lot of fun stuff to explore."

The outlet went on to report that the new movie would focus on Chip Penderghast, the younger (and adopted) brother of Emma Stone's Olive (played by Bryce Clyde Jenkins in the original film).

The original Easy A was based on and was a subversion of The Scarlet Letter but the new movie will reportedly be based on "a popular piece of literature, but this one's not a novel," according to Royal who teased in 2019: "It's gonna be wild."

Details about when this project could begin shooting, or where it might land, are uncertain at this time but it seems like the kind of film that would make for a premiere streaming title. The original film made over $75 million at the global box office back in 2010, but was produced on a reported budget of $8 million.