Emotional Disney+ Spot Debuts During 2020 Oscars

As if you needed another reminder that the Disney+ streaming service was loaded with nostalgic movies and TV shows that likely have emotional memories for many fans, then they come with an amazing promo during the Academy Awards that has people catching feelings all over again. The new promo for Disney+ features films like Mary Poppins, Avatar, Up, The Sound of Music, Star Wars: A New Hope, Frozen, and many others, showing some of the most touching scenes that is sure to make many fans emotional

Check out the brand new promo for the Disney+ streaming service in the video player below!

Disney+ has proven to be a massive success in its first few months since the launch. Much of that success has been driven by the popular Star Wars live-action series Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the original show helped drive the popularity of the platform, pushing its subscription numbers.

"We were actually heartened by the fact that after the original episodes of The Mandalorian were all made available, we really didn’t see significant churn [rate] from that," Iger told CNBC. "One of the things that we’ve noted that’s quite interesting is about 65% of the people that actually watch Mandalorian watched at least ten or more other things on the service. And so what we’re seeing in terms of consumption, is consumption really across the board."

Iger went on to address how the Disney+ library has expanded since launch with many popular films, which continues to sustain subscribers even though many of the original series that kicked off the service have already wrapped up.


"For films, not only films from our library, but recently released films — including Aladdin, and Lion King of course, Toy Story [4] just came on, Avengers: Endgame — we’re also seeing a lot of interest in other original programs that we’ve created, movies and series," Iger said. "Great interest in Disney Channel shows, and then broad interest in just a lot of other things. Pixar shorts, and older Disney shorts, and clearly those brands — Disney and Pixar and Marvel and Star Wars and National Geographic — are resonating, which as we’ve said at the beginning, gives us the ability to focus more on quality, high-quality branded content for the service and less on volume."

Disney+ is now available.