Enola Holmes: Netflix Reveals Rare Deleted Scenes From Millie Bobby Brown Film

Fresh off the success of their original film, Netflix has released a video featuring multiple deleted scenes from the Millie Bobby Brown starring feature Enola Holmes. In the two scenes, totaling over four minutes of footage removed from the film, Millie Bobby Brown (Enola) learns more about her mother’s disappearance, and discovers another secret hideout in London. Based on the books by author Nancy Springer's The Enola Holmes Mysteries, the film was directed by Harry Bradbeer (Killing Eve, Fleabag) and stars Brown as the younger sister of fabled detectives Sherlock (played by Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin). Check out the deleted scenes below!

Film fans feared the worst when the movie was acquired by Netflix earlier this year, since it had originally been produced by Legendary Entertainment and was set for a theatrical release by Warner Bros. Pictures; since such deals typically are a sign of a product studios don't believe in. Things turned out great though as Enola Holmes nabbed a 91% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was among the most popular watches on the streaming service for some time (it remains in the Top 10 movies now two weeks later). Brown herself has admitted she hopes to return for a follow-up too.

"I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I'll just do one movie, like, obviously…' and then as soon as I went on set and I played [Enola], I fell in love with her, and she became part of my heart," Brown told EW. "I always said I loved playing Eleven [on Stranger Things] because I didn't just do one thing and then stop playing her. I love that I can continually play her, and with the Enola book series… I really am optimistic about the future. I'm so looking forward to [hopefully] getting back to work."

In a separate interview, director Harry Bradbeer revealed that "there’s discussion" about more movies in the series. Luckily for them there are multiple books in the Nancy Springer series.


"That would be amazing," director Harry Bradbeer told Decider about a sequel. "It’d be wonderful to get five more movies out of this scene. I do think they’re extraordinary stories to tell, and what a period. As you go forward, things like that three-wheeled car — which was a lovely thing we discovered — to find our characters playing on some of the new contraptions, at some point in the early 20th century. Of course, we get airplanes and the Wright brothers. Who knows what other challenges are going to come out of this really restless, productive period."

Enola Holmes is streaming now on Netflix.