Netflix's Enola Holmes Rotten Tomatoes Score Released

The Rotten Tomatoes score for Netflix's original movie Enola Holmes is no longer a mystery, debuting to a so-far fresh score on the aggregator site. Inspired by author Nancy Springer's The Enola Holmes Mysteries, the new movie from director Harry Bradbeer (Killing Eve, Fleabag) and screenwriter Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Aeronauts) follows 16-year-old sleuth Enola (Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown) on the search for her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter) against the wishes of older brothers Mycroft (Sam Claflin) and Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). When Enola becomes entangled in a mystery surrounding a runaway Lord (Louis Partridge), she unravels a conspiracy threatening to set back the course of political history.

Enola Holmes reached Rotten Tomatoes on Monday with 11 counted reviews and an 82% approval from critics. An early review from Variety calls Enola Holmes an "entertaining franchise starter" powered by "high-energy storytelling" but notes the detective adventure is missing "the simple satisfaction of solving a case."

Another positive review from The Hollywood Reporter calls suspected franchise-starter Enola Holmes a "light but enjoyable feminist spinoff" that "successfully imagines a place for its heroine in [Sherlock] Holmes' world." Enola Holmes is "genuinely appealing for a wide audience," reads a positive review from IndieWire, summarizing the new movie as a "fun, frisky, and surprisingly feminist twist on the Sherlock Holmes mythos."

Conversely, a negative review from Empire says the YA adaptation is a "sweet, family-friendly adventure" but one that is "sometimes lacking in subtlety." Enola Holmes is an "infuriating near-miss of a movie where the biggest mystery is why it's so long and meandering," reads another negative review from Flickering Myth.


The movie "dangles a promising mystery in front of the audience's faces, only to completely lose interest in solving it," making for an "irritatingly quirky movie that becomes lost amid the sparkle of its own style tricks," according to the review.

Based on the beloved Edgar-nominated book series, ENOLA HOLMES tells the story of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ rebellious teen sister Enola, a gifted super-sleuth in her own right who often outsmarts her brilliant siblings. When her mother mysteriously disappears on her 16th birthday, Enola seeks help from her older brothers. But soon realizing they’re less interested in solving the case than in packing her off to finishing school, Enola does the only thing a smart, resourceful, and fearless young 1880s woman can do… she runs away to London to find her. Meeting a cast of memorable characters along the way, Enola's caught in the middle of a conspiracy that could alter the course of political history. ENOLA HOLMES puts a dynamic new female twist on the world's greatest detective and his brilliant family.

Enola Holmes is streaming on Netflix starting September 23.