Eternals Star Weighs in on the Status of Black Knight's Future

In one of the more interesting post-credits teases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's recent history, Eternals delivered a scene in which Kit Harington's Dane Whitman seemingly embraced his destiny as the Black Knight, including a voice-only cameo from Blade. With a new Blade having been announced in 2019 with Mahershala Ali set to star, many audiences assumed that Black Knight would be part of that upcoming film, but Harington recently cast doubt on his character being involved in the adventure and played entirely coy about when audiences might get to see his character's return, if ever.

"The honest answer is I think that's the intention with the character," Harington shared at San Antonio's Superhero Comic Con about Dane becoming Black Knight, per Kit Harington Updates on Twitter. "I think there was some misunderstanding about whether he was going to be in the Blade movie. He was never meant to be in the Blade movie and isn't."

He continued, "At this stage, I don't know. At this stage, I hope he gets used. I know there's some really fascinating parts of that character which would be beneficial to delve into and interesting, which are the aspects around his mental health things and specifically about addiction with that character which I think is really interesting. So I hope they use him. I hope that the Black Knight comes along. I hope that Dane Whitman is that character but, at this stage, I can't tell you anything. But I think the intention is to develop him at some point."

In addition to Eternals featuring this post-credits scene about Dane embracing his legacy as the Black Knight, there was also a post-credits scene that introduced Harry Styles as Eros. Even with the heavy implication that both of these characters would be returning to the MCU and have a more significant presence, in the nearly two years since the film debuted, there have been no significant updates about their returns. 

Additionally, while some characters have been teased in various MCU films and then audiences have been able to successfully speculate about where they would return, there's currently no MCU movie or TV show on the horizon that would seem to offer the most organic way to bring these figures back. However, Harington's excitement about the character does give us hope that we haven't seen the last of the Black Knight.

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Black Knight's return.

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