F9: Watch Ludacris & Director Justin Lin Surprise Fast & Furious Fans

To celebrate the release of F9, the cast and director of the ninth Fast & Furious movie joined [...]

To celebrate the release of F9, the cast and director of the ninth Fast & Furious movie joined ComicBook.com over Zoom to surprise some of the biggest fans of the franchise we could find. In the second of a series of videos releasing on the ComicBook.com YouTube channel leading up to the June 25 theatrical debut of F9, Tej actor Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and F9 director Justin Lin joined us virtually to spread some love to the extended Fast family. Three unsuspecting fans were selected after sharing their fandom with us and told they were going to be given a special early look at a clip from F9. What they didn't know Ludacris and Lin had their Zoom cameras turned off with a fake name was assigned to their profiles. After the fans shared why they enjoy the franchise so deeply, the cameras popped on for some epic surprises and interactions! See it all in the video above.

Some of the fans came prepared with questions of their own when the surprises hit. Zachary, who runs his own YouTube channel, for example, wanted to know more about filming the sequences where the Fast & Furious franchise sent characters to space for the first time. "I'll say one thing, the thing about space, it's something that we've always kind of talked about what we can do," Lin said. "We always want to make sure that if w do something crazy, that we earn it...We've literally been talking about it for 6 to 8 years!"

Then there was Billy who was overjoyed to see Ludacris and Lin together on his Zoom screen. This fan had so much fun that Ludacris asked for extra time with him as a means to create some fun content for his own social channels! See it below!

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This new fan surprise video goes on to see Ludacris explain the dynamic between his Tej and Tyrese's Roman and much more. The first video with Vin Diesel is available now on the ComicBook.com YouTube channel! This is the second surprise video in a series coming from the F9 cast and crew, with Tyrese Gibson and Sung Kang appearing in the final installment debuting on the ComicBook.com YouTube channel tomorrow!

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