Fast & Furious Star and Paul Walker's Brother Cody Do PSA About Dangers of Street Racing

Fast & Furious star Cody Walker helped release a PSA about the dangers of street racing this week. In conjunction with the Orange County District Attorney's office, the actor talked about deaths from these incidents and how they affect families. Famously, Paul Walker passed away back in 2013 due to an accident during street racing. However, his brother and family have been outspoken about these kinds of causes since his death. Walker hopes that when people hear stories like this, they reconsider getting behind the wheel on residential streets and freeways to race their friends at unsafe speeds. 

"Like many of you, I too have lost somebody due to reckless driving," said Cody Walker. "I think a lot of the time when those of us that want to go fast, or we have something to prove, we don't take into consideration the lives of those around us. It's not just you that you're putting in jeopardy it's everybody else around you. So don't be dumb, take it to the track. There's somebody at home that loves you that's expecting you to return. It's not worth the risk I promise."

Also featured in the PSA is Lili Trujillo Puckett, who founded Street Racing Kills. The non-profit serves to educate young people about the illegal street racing's dangers. Her 16-year-old daughter Valentina was killed by a driver who was street racing. The car crashed while the teenager hitched a ride back in 2013.

"For many years I've been educating and mentoring the youth regarding the dangers of illegal street racing and reckless driving, one of the things I've seen most among young drivers is how they glorify the Fast and Furious franchise and how they look up to all actors of these movies," Trujillo Puckett added. "What they have to say this will mean the world to them and will undoubtedly save lives."

"Taking over streets, destroying intersections, and driving nearly 190 mph in traffic next to innocent drivers and passengers are dangerous and violent crimes and the must be treated as such," Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer argued. "No one – and I mean no one – gets to kill an innocent bystander in pursuit of a high-speed adrenaline rush and get away with it in Orange County. If you refuse to keep it on the track, we will find you, we will arrest you and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law."


"These are not numbers. These are real people with real futures – futures that were devastated by illegal street racing. I want to thank Sung Kang, Cody Walker, Larry Chen, and all the professional drivers and crew who made this PSA a reality," Spitzer continued. "It is a true leader who uses their fame and notoriety to educate the young people who look up to them and encourage them to be responsible and make the right choice to keep it on the track."

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