Finn Wolfhard Has Read Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sequel Script (Exclusive)

Finn Wolfhard is best known for playing Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things and he's currently featured in Guillermo del Toro's new Pinocchio film, which is now streaming on Netflix. Wolfhard is also known for appearing in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the new film that was helmed by Jason Reitman last year. Of course, Reitman's father, Ivan Reitman, directed the original film back in 1984. This week, it was announced that another Ghostbusters film was in the works with the same cast as Afterlife, but Gil Kenan (Poltergeist (2015), Monster House) would be taking over as director. Kenan and Reitman co-wrote the Afterlife script and are doing the same with the latest follow-up. This week,'s Chris Killian had the chance to chat with Wolfhard about Pinocchio, and he asked the young star if he's read the new Ghostbusters script. 

"I've read an early draft," Wolfhard revealed. "Jason and Gil have been so awesome about talking about it and collaborating, and yeah... They're just kind of hammering away at it, and so I'm excited to do it." 

What Has Gil Kenan Said About the New Ghostbusters?

"It's an absolute honor to pick up the proton pack and step behind the camera for the next chapter of the Spengler family saga," Kenan shared. "I just wish I could go back to 1984 and tell the kid in the sixth row of the Mann Valley West that one day he was going to get to direct a Ghostbusters film."

Reitman added, "A few years ago, my father handed me the keys to Ecto-1 and together we made Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Words will never express how grateful I am to have made a film with my father by my side. It's now time to hand those keys to my creative partner and fellow Ghostbuster Gil Kenan, a brilliant director who will keep the Spengler spirit alive. I can only hope to provide him the same producorial care and support that my father showed me."

Who Starred in Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

Afterlife featured a new cast of characters that included Egon's estranged daughter, Callie (Carrie Coon), and her children, gearhead Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and science whiz Phoebe (Mckenna Grace). Along with seismologist Gary Grooberson (Paul Rudd), the next generation of Ghostbusters included Trevor and Phoebe's friends Lucky (Celeste O'Connor) and Podcast (Logan Kim). 

Stay tuned for more updates about the new Ghostbusters