Flula Borg Chats Jagermeister Cold Brew, The Suicide Squad, and More

Flula Borg burst onto the scene as a content creator that happened to use YouTube to its full [...]

Flula Borg burst onto the scene as a content creator that happened to use YouTube to its full advantage. Slowly but surely, the comedian's Hollywood star has started to rise. After appearances in The Boss Baby, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Good Place, and multiple stops on Conan, Borg will soon join the world of superhero cinema. This September, the actor will portray the D-list super-villain known as Javelin in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

As he waits for the world to see him in tights, Borg has even become the face of Jägermeister. The German-based liquor company recently launched Jägermeister Cold Brew, a combination of the classic herbal liqueur and cold brew coffee, and The Suicide Squad star found himself as the drink's spokesperson. We recently caught up with him to chat about his busier-than-ever schedule — keep scrolling to see our full conversation.

ComicBook.com: Let's talk about what we're supposed to talk about and start with a super simple question. Why Jägermeister?

Flula Borg: Well, I mean, if you know me or you are just knowing me, Adam, I am a German person. And even as a child, I was always enjoying the adults, enjoying this Jägermeister deliciousness. My mama would add as an aperitive or whatever you call it after... Digestive. Digestive or whatever. She would drink this after a nice tasty meal.

So when I was old enough, Adam, old enough, I enjoyed it and loved it, and now they've combined it with something very tasty, which I also love: cold brew coffee. So this Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee is like the combining of two things, my German heritage and my delicious love of cold brew. So if you like these two things, Adam, you cannot go incorrect with enjoying this beverage, as I do.

As I understand it, you even enjoyed it so much you got a tattoo. Is that legit?

Well, Adam, I will tell you. It was legitimate at the moment. I could share it with you now, but that would be so inappropriate.

Comes September, you're going to be a super villain hero action star. So, I mean, you're ruling the world at the moment, man. In the meantime, you're working on Our Stages, Our Stories initiative you're working on, tell me a little bit about your efforts with that.

Well, I'm very excited to support this cause because my very first performances in America were not like film or television or things, they were on stages in small, independent venues. This is where I was first learning how to make performing times, entertain people, to connect with the eyes and real ways, enjoy a delicious Jägermeister, perhaps, these are the places where I began. So I was so excited to be able to help support a cause like this that is helping to get people coming back and enjoying live music and live performances once more.

When's next set going to be? Do you have anything lined up?

We are planning now, Adam. It's like if you're building a tent for 45,000 people. Right now, we have the poles. We have purchased some of the tops. We are putting... This is a metaphor. It's a terrible metaphor, but the tent is being built now. It is not yet ready for sleeping bags.

You're also one of the first people on the planet to see The Suicide Squad. What's your initial reaction to seeing yourself on tights on the biggest screen possible?

I mean, a very wonderful fever dream, Adam. It is difficult to believe that I am a part of this in any way. It is a magical genius adventure ride. It combines so many dope things that feels like a war film at the same time as a comic book film, and look, James Gunn is a genius person and if you watch this film, you will agree.

Your co-star, John Cena, gets his own series. So speaking of Jägermeister, have you left James any drunken voicemails about getting a Javelin spinoff?

I don't leave the voicemails. I only write via carrier pigeon. I know if you are a comic books fan, I'm loving, what's it called? Oh, the Throne of Games, so I've written raven letters to everyone, including my dad, just like referencing a possible Javelin show. In fact, give me your GPS coordinates. I will send you a scarecrow. No, a crow. I will send you a bird.


The Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on Friday, August 6th. Peacemaker is expected to debut on HBO Max in 2022.