Disney+ Announces Premiere Date for Frozen 2 Documentary Series

In addition to delivering some of the most popular family content in the world, Disney+ is now [...]

In addition to delivering some of the most popular family content in the world, Disney+ is now making it a priority to show its subscribers just how those projects are made. First, it was Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, which takes fans behind-the-scenes of the hit series Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Now the streaming service is taking a deep dive into the world of Frozen 2, delivering a documentary series that shows what went into creating the biggest animated hit of all time (unless you count 2019's The Lion King).

Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 was one of the early projects that was advertised ahead of the launch of Disney+, but it hadn't been mentioned by the service for quite some time. That changed on Wednesday when Disney announced that the series would make its streaming debut on June 26th. Unlike other shows on the service, Into the Unknown will release all of its episodes at once.

"Embark on a six-episode journey behind the scenes of the biggest animated film in history with Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2," reads the announcement tweet from Disney+. "All episodes of the Original Series event are streaming June 26, only on Disney Plus."

As expected, Frozen 2 became an instant box office behemoth upon its release last November. The first Frozen went on to become one of Disney's most popular and recognizable properties, so the eventual sequel was long set up for success.

Earlier this year, when the coronavirus pandemic first began causing people to stay at home, Disney announced that it would release Frozen 2 on the Disney+ streaming platform a few months early, giving all of the fans a chance to watch the new film while stuck inside their houses. Over the last couple of months, the film has remained one of the most popular titles on the entire service.

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All episodes of Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 will arrive on Disney+ on June 26th.