How Frozen 2 Sets Up a Third Movie

Disney Animation Studios doesn't often produce sequels, especially sequels that play in theaters. [...]

Disney Animation Studios doesn't often produce sequels, especially sequels that play in theaters. For the longest time, hit Disney animated films got straight-to-DVD sequels and nothing more. However, the House of Mouse has bucked that trend a bit over the past couple of years, theatrically releasing sequels to both Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, the latter of which is Disney's biggest hit of all time. Frozen 2 hit theaters this weekend and, after a record-breaking box office debut, has the potential to out-perform its predecessor by the time all is said and done. Does that mean Frozen 3 is a lock?

Based on Disney's history with sequels, nothing should be considered a lock, but it's hard to imagine a world where the Frozen franchise doesn't end up getting a third movie, especially considering how much money Frozen 2 is making. There's also the story to consider, and the final minutes of Frozen 2 do a great job of setting up a potential third film. WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Frozen 2! Continue reading at your own risk...

One of the big secrets revealed in Frozen 2 is that Anna and Elsa's mother isn't actually from Arendelle, like their father. She belongs to the people of the Enchanted Forest, which explains Elsa's connection to the world of magic and the spirits living in the woods. To finally live the free sort of life she's always felt she needed to live, and to connect with her mother's people, Elsa decides to step down as queen of Arendelle. She moves into the woods and Anna takes on the role of queen instead, a job she's more well-suited for than her sister.

This ending really sets up a potential Frozen 3, as it puts new and unique challenges in front of the sisters. Each of them now rules over their own people, living very different lifestyles. A lot about them can change in the span of a couple of years. This would put them in much different circumstances if/when a third movie were to take place.

Say an outside force were to attack one of the two lands, the sister ruling over that area would undoubtedly reach out to the other for help. That help would seem like an easy choice on the surface, but there is also the well-being of their own people to consider, pitting the responsibilities of leadership against the bond between sisters.

This is just one example of how the story could go in a potential Frozen 3, but it just goes to show how well the ending of Frozen 2 sets the franchise up for a third installment.

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