Gal Gadot Breaks Silence on Joining Disney's Snow White Reboot as the Evil Queen

Gal Gadot has broken her silence on the Snow White Reboot and her role as the evil queen. Disney is bringing out the stars for their adaptation and Variety caught up with the Wonder Woman star on the red carpet for Red Notice. She had a little bit to tease about playing a villain this time. Marc Webb, of Amazing Spider-Man fame, will be directing this live-action version of Snow White. Rachel Zegler will be opposite Gadot as the main character. Plenty of excitement bubbled up online when the casting was made public this week. She told the publication that she was very excited, but there wasn't a ton she was at liberty to discuss at this moment. That won't stop the speculation machine from ratcheting into overdrive as to why she took this role. Check out her full comments down below:

"There's so much I can't share with you that will actually answer this question," she began. "The take on this story is so different and delightful and full of joy. I'm very, very excited. I wish I could share more."

When the project became public knowledge, Disney president of production Sean Bailey told Vulture all about it.

"We were given an incredible opportunity to discover what we wanted to be as a live-action team. We were given a lot of latitude to think about what that was," Bailey said. "We thought if Iron Man and Thor and Captain America are Marvel superheroes, then maybe Alice, Cinderella, Mowgli, and Belle are our superheroes, and Cruella and Maleficent are our supervillains. Maybe if there's a way to reconnect with that affinity for what those characters mean to people in a way that gets the best talent and uses the best technology, that could become something really exciting. It feels very Disney, playing to the competitive advantages of this label." 

"Rachel's extraordinary vocal abilities are just the beginning of her gifts," Webb said of Zegler's casting. "Her strength, intelligence and optimism will become an integral part of rediscovering the joy in this classic Disney fairytale."

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