GI Joe: Snake Eyes Movie Gets New 2021 Release Date

The GI Joe movie spinoff Snake Eyes has moved its release date to October 22, 2021. The film is [...]

The GI Joe movie spinoff Snake Eyes has moved its release date to October 22, 2021. The film is jumping nearly a full year back as a means to ensure its ability to reach a maximum audience for a theatrical experience as it aims to continue the success of the GI Joe franchise at the movies with a brand new story. The film was originally slated for release in October of this year and has now jumped into the crowded 2021 year which should have movie lovers excited as nearly every Friday of the coming year is scheduled to drop a major release in theaters.

The new movie will act as a prequel for the titular Snake Eyes character, showing how he became the strong and silent warrior which fans have come to know and love, while also largely wiping the slate clean and starting over fresh as a franchise. Directed by Robert Schwentke (The Divergent Series), Snake Eyes will also feature plenty of other familiar faces from the lore of GI Joe that fans will be familiar with including Samara Weaving (Ready or Not) as Scarlett, Ursula Corbero (La casa de papel) as The Baroness, Iko Uwais (The Raid) as Hard Master, with Andrew Koji (Warrior) as Storm Shadow, and Steve Allerick as Snake Eyes' father. Haruka Abe (Emerald City) has been cast as well in a currently-unknown role. The lead role is portrayed by Henry Golding.

In the film, fans will see Snake Eyes trying to become a member of the Arashikage Clan, a group which has a reputation for doing what others can't and, additionally, doing their deeds without a trace left behind.

The first look at Snake Eyes came earlier this year when Golding revealed a photo on his Instagram account. Snake Eyes isn't in any sort of gear here, and we're not sure if he'll actually get his trademark suit until the end of the film but the hope from fans is that we at least get to see him in the suit for one slick climactic battle.

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Because its my birthday today and I'm playing Snake Eyes... Here's your first look 🐍

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