Godzilla Trailer From WonderCon 2014 Detailed Description

At 2014 WonderCon, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures aired close to six minutes of footage from [...]


At 2014 WonderCon, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures aired close to six minutes of footage from Godzilla. Here's a detailed description of the trailer footage. A monorail suddenly comes to a jarring stop, and the lights go out. A man asks a young child if he's ok. Then, the man tells the child, "In ten seconds, the light is going to come back on." In a tropical city beach, a young girl is looking out at the ocean. She calls her dad over to look as well. As the dad bends down to pick up his daughter, air sirens start to go off. The man takes off running with his daughter, and he tells others to run as well. A helicopter is flying overhead, and the pilot is talking into his headset, asking someone their position. The helicopter flies over a battleship. A soldier on the battleship is using binoculars to look at something out in the water. Several large fins can be seen swimming directly at the battleship. Just before the fins hit the battleship, they drop below the surface of the water. A large creature can be seen swimming underneath the battleship and coming out on the other site. Back on the beach, a dog is barking out at the ocean. Suddenly, a tsunami hits, and the dog turns and runs away. The dog runs past a number of people, who are all running way from the flood of water that is closing in on them. The man carrying his daughter from earlier runs inside a building just in time, as the water can be seen rushing down the streets outside the building. Several people on rooftops can be seen looking down at the water sweeping through the streets. The lights go out, and a couple of red flares are fired to light up the sky. The red flares reveal part of Godzilla, and several members of the military open fire on Godzilla with automatic weapons. The lights in the city slowly come back on, including on the monorail. The main from earlier turns to the young child next to him and says, "There you go. What did I tell you?" Everything seems to be returning to normal, when the people on the monorail spy a Muto Kaiju outside. Two helicopters start firing at the Muto Kaiju, and everyone on the monorail ducks down. The Muto Kaiju strikes the monorail, ripping in in half. Several people start falling out of the monorail. As the young boy from earlier starts to slide out of the monorail, the man from earlier grabs him just in the nick of time. The helicopters continue to fire at the Muto Kaiju, and there are several explosions. Suddenly, Godzilla's foot enters the scene. The camera slowly pans up to reveal a full body shot of Godzilla, who lets out a big roar. The end.