Hamilton on Disney+: Lin-Manuel Miranda Addresses F-Word Edits to Reach PG-13 Rating

In one of the many moves made to work around the coronavirus pandemic, Disney decided to move its [...]

In one of the many moves made to work around the coronavirus pandemic, Disney decided to move its feature presentation of Hamilton up by an entire year, sending it from theaters to the Disney+ streaming service. That news certainly excited Hamilton fans around the world, but it did cause many to question the language of the presentation itself. Disney+ is a family-friendly streaming service and Hamilton drops a couple of F-bombs over the course of its runtime. As it turns out, that issue won't be much of an issue after all, as the creative team behind Hamilton found some creative ways to censor a couple of words, allowing the film to be rated PG-13.

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda took to Twitter on Monday to confirm that there would be some slight alterations to the lyrics when Hamilton arrives on Disney+ on July 3rd. He explained that only one F-word is allowed in a PG-13 film and, since Hamilton has three, two of them had to go.

"LANGUAGE! 1. On July 3, you're getting the whole show, every note & scene, & a 1-minute countdown clock during intermission (bathroom!)," Miranda wrote on Twitter. "2. But MPAA has a hard rule about language: more than 1 utterance of 'f**k' is an automatic R rating. We have 3 'F**ks' in our show. So...

"I literally gave two f**ks so the kids could see it: 1. In Yorktown, there's a mute over 'I get the f_ back up again.' 2. 'Southern *record scratch*kin' Democratic Republicans.' You can sing whatEVER you like at home (even sync up the album)! Love you. Enjoy."

A spokesperson from Disney confirmed to ComicBook.com that this would indeed be the case, saying, "In order to share HAMILTON with the broadest audience possible, two non-material edits were made to the film in collaboration with the show's creators to achieve a PG-13 rating."

Fortunately, other than those two words, it doesn't look like anything about the content of Hamilton will be changing for its Disney+ debut next month.

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