Happy Death Day Producer Working "Overtime" to Make Third Film Happen

Despite the series not being as big of a blockbuster for Blumhouse Productions as films like The [...]

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(Photo: Blumhouse Productions)

Despite the series not being as big of a blockbuster for Blumhouse Productions as films like The Purge or Paranormal Activity franchises, the two Happy Death Day films have earned a passionate following, with producer Jason Blum confirming that he is working "overtime" to make a third film happen. This recent comment on the film is more promising than remarks Blum has made in the past, as he has explicitly said that the underwhelming financial performance of Happy Death Day 2U made a third film seem incredibly unlikely, with a remark that he's working on it at all possibly hinting that there's still life left in the series.

"Let me tell ya, I'm working overtime on it, believe me," Blum shared with Entertainment Tonight. "I'm trying. Nothing official yet."

The first film in the franchise hit theaters in 2017 and chronicled a college student who was murdered on her birthday, only to wake up that morning and relive the same events, with the knowledge of her death inspiring her to find the killer to prevent it. Due in part not only to the clever blend of horror, sci-fi, and comedy, the film's PG-13 rating made it an accessible entry into the genre world for younger audiences and led to it becoming an unexpected hit. That success earned it the 2019 sequel, and while the critical reactions were just as strong, it failed to earn a major box office turnout.

Director of both films, Christopher Landon, confirmed that last year that, while the conclusion of this journey might not take the shape of a theatrically released film, fans will learn how the narrative is fulfilled at some point, in some medium.

"It will be revealed," the filmmaker shared with ComicBook.com about the franchise's plans. "Jason and I didn't want to, we're not those people that want to dick people around and pretend like, 'Oh, we're actually making it guys, hehe, we're just telling you we're not.' No, that's not what's happening. We're making a different movie together. I'm super excited about it, but it's not Happy Death Day 3."

He added, "I can't look into any sort of crystal ball and see what form the third movie will ultimately take. And I know Jessica Rothe feels this way, too, because we've talked about it. It's been very comforting to know that there are a lot of people out there who appreciated the second film and really wanted to see where we were going. We clearly stated at the end of the second movie, we have a direction, we're going somewhere with this. And so I don't know what form it's gonna take, but I will definitely tell that story somehow. If people thought the second movie was batsh-t, then they're not ready for the third story. Because it goes so much more crazy, but in such a fun way. So I'll get it out there somehow."

Stay tuned for details on the Happy Death Day franchise.

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