Harry Potter Theory May Explain Why Sirius Sees Harry As His Close Friend

To say Harry Potter had a rough life would be to put it lightly. The Chosen One was destined for a [...]

To say Harry Potter had a rough life would be to put it lightly. The Chosen One was destined for a terrible fate from birth, and he was only a baby when he entire family was ripped from him. Not even is godfather Sirius Black was around to help for more than a decade, but Harry did get a chance to meet the man once he began schooling at Hogwarts.

Oh, and thanks to to a new theory, one fan thinks they know why Sirius never stuck tight to a fatherly role.

Recently, a fan on Reddit hit up others asking them to give their Harry Potter theory a review. It was there Carnage678 questioned whether Sirius ever wanted to be seen a father-figure to Harry when the boy had James Potter to look to.

"[It's] because he prefers for Harry to only see James and Lily as parents," the theory begins.

"Sirius is known to have a very high opinion on James and Lily, he even gets angry when Peter mentions them in front of Harry. This is because Sirius treasured James and Lily's friendship more than anything, he even idolized them. So, it stands to reason, that he wanted Harry to feel the same, to idolize his parents."

Continuing, the theory wraps by questioning whether Sirius acted more like a cool uncle than full-on father because he didn't want to step on James' turg.

"With his high opinion on James and Lily, him seeing James as a brother, it could be seen that Sirius' reason for treating Harry like a best friend and less a son, is because he only wanted Harry to see Lily and James as parents."

There is no denying how close Sirius and James were with one another, so it would make sense for the former to not want to overstep his boundaries with Harry. Still, there is also no denying the Chosen One viewed Sirius as the father he always wanted, and his ultimate death scarred Harry is a big way. For now, fans can only wonder how Sirius would have continued his parenting of Harry had he lived on, but one thing is for sure. There was little reason to worry about Harry so long as Molly Weasley was around to look over him.

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