Harry Potter Deepfake Casts Millie Bobby Brown as Hermione Granger

Millie Bobby Brown is the star of a Harry Potter deepfake as Hermione Granger. The practice has [...]

Millie Bobby Brown is the star of a Harry Potter deepfake as Hermione Granger. The practice has become all-too-common on social media these days as some video editors are putting stars into weird situations for their personal amusement. Jarkan has been at this for a while, but the YouTuber's skills have definitely improved over time. Brown doesn't look out of place at all in the massive franchise. Hermione Granger rose rapidly in the fan rankings for beloved characters in the series as the installments piled on. Emma Watson played her in the films, but one thing deep fake artists have done a lot in the last year is use their skills for fan casting. (Remember that wild video of Tom Cruise as Iron Man in 2019?) So, you can check out Jarkan's work down below and see how fluidly the actress fits in for yourself.

Watson has been busy since her Harry Potter days, but she still loves that she could be a character so many people enjoyed. In some comments to EW back in 2017, she talked about how Hermione really gained a foothold among the fandom.

"Hermione was that perfect example of turning on its head this initial prejudice that she gets," Watson explained. "Hermione finds a way to wield her intelligence and becomes really the leader in this group of two other boys and that's kind of the role that she assumes. Harry is much more intuitive. Ron is just along for the ride. Hermione is the one with the plan. She's in control."

"What is so fundamentally beautiful about Hermione is her loyalty to that group of friends," she continued. "She's really the glue that keeps that trio together. It's fundamental, and the boys knew it, and they really treat her as if they know that."

The actress also observed that Hermione is the kind of hero in a franchise that boys would also feel a connection to.

"If I asked a young boy what superhero they looked up to, I feel a lot fewer would say a female one than in reverse, which is a shame because I feel like we need to live in a culture that values and respects and looks up to and idolizes women as much as men," Watson recalled. "I think that's starting to slowly change, but it is something that does actively need to be addressed."

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