Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Are Taking Their Feud To Sam's Club

The feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is one of legend at this point, and the two rival actors have delivered some amazing moments over the years. It wasn't enough to have their coffee and gin businesses go at each other either, so now they are taking their feud to Sam's Club, and have launched an entertaining new video to celebrate this latest era of their rivalry. The video features Jackman and Reynolds staring each other down on either side of the screen, with their respective company logos on the walls behind them. They size each other up and then look into the camera, and it's announced that the feud is coming to Sam's Club, but we don't really find out how here. Thankfully a fan found an ad for it in a Sam's Club booklet for more details.

Jackman shared the video on Twitter with the caption, "We're bringing The Feud to @SamsClub. I only agreed to do this because it's for two great foundations. And, it's always an awesome day when I get to humiliate @VancityReynolds @laughingmanco @AviationGin @sickkids #LaughingManFoundation"

The ad we see later says "Hugh's coffee vs Ryan's gin. You decide which one will win." Then it says "Starting November 10 both products will be available at Sam's Club and you can vote online."

@NotJKras posted the image with the caption "\\ Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in my Sam's Club booklet"

So, it appears you'll be able to purchase both products in Sam's Clubs starting on November 10th, but the actual competition will be decided by fan votes, which will be done online. That means you don't have to go buy a ton of coffee or gin (unless you want to that is) to ensure your favorite star wins.


As for the winner, we imagine a certain amount of money will go to their charity of choice, which for Jackman is the Laughing Man Foundation. As for the loser, we aren't sure what happens to them, but Jackman did say "it's always an awesome day when I get to humiliate Ryan Reynolds", so who knows, maybe he'll have to be put in a dunk tank.