Incredibles 2: Holly Hunter On Being A Pioneer Female Superhero

When Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson sat down with to discuss returning to their [...]

When Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson sat down with to discuss returning to their superheroic roles for "The Incredibles 2" after 14 years, they almost still can't believe they finally got an opportunity to revisit the rich roles of Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible that they played in visionary Brad Bird's original Pixar film – but they knew they were in for something special when the seqeul call finally came.

In the wake of an increasing presence of vital and inspiring female superhero and action stars like Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Captain Marvel in recent years, does Hunter think her Elastigirl set the stage for the female empowerment audiences are experiencing today? "I wouldn't take that kind of credit, no," she says. "I mean, this is a giant movement that's taking the country, the globe, by storm."

But she love seeing Helen Parr remain both a relevant and rousing figure. "I think it's totally fresh to see a female whose sexuality is not the driving force behind who she is," says Hunter. "She's very much a female, a woman, but she's driven by wanting to create good, wanting to make things right. There's a highly moral universe that she is steered by, that she raises her family with."

Meanwhile, with Mr. Incredible adjusting to managing the Parr family household as Elastigirl answers a call to action in the sequel, Nelson – a master of playing comedic emotional meltdowns since his days on the sitcom "Coach" – reveals his technique for creating such memorable mental snaps.

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Disney and Pixar's Incredibles 2, written and directed by Brad Bird, is now playing in theaters.