Edna Mode Tours The New Parr Residence in ‘Incredibles 2’ Promo

Disney-Pixar and security company ADT have partnered for an all-new animated ad, marking ADT’s [...]

Disney-Pixar and security company ADT have partnered for an all-new animated ad, marking ADT's first movie tie-in.

The Pixar-animated promo sees superhero fashion designer and auteur Edna "E" Mode (voice of writer-director Brad Bird) giving supers Bob and Helen Parr (voice of Holly Hunter) a tour of their new home and accompanying home security system.

"Your new home has all the latest security and automation features," the fashion and technology maven tells the couple of their swanky new pad.

Noticing a blinking blue light, Helen asks, "What does that one do?"

"Water level sensors for SURPRISE ATTACKS! And overflowing dishwashers," Edna says, matter-of-factly.

There are motion sensors, Edna says, taking a live video peek into the room of super-fast pre-teen Dash. The house is equipped with intrusion detection, perfect for catching sneaky half-invisible teen daughter Violet.

"So we'll know if someone's sneaking in?" Helen asks.

"Or sneaking out," Edna says.

The super-matriarch uses her stretching abilities to reach out across the room and close the sliding back door.

Edna informs the parents of their Carbon Monoxide detection system as she wanders into the path of baby Jack-Jack, and when the multi-powered tot bursts into flames, "Oh, and of course," she says, "smoke alarms."

Disney has purchased a full broadcast buy and will run the 30-second ad on family-friendly programming like NBC's The Voice and Little Big Shots and ABC's Dancing with the Stars, AD Week reports.

"This felt like a pretty special opportunity," said Shannon Hendrickson, director of media and advertising at ADT.

"It's not every day when you see these types of integration being done, where a company's higher purpose so closely ladders up with the theme of the movie — at ADT, we pride ourselves on being a team of 17,500 everyday heroes, so to tap into the equity of the Incredibles and the super hero theme, was just really cool alignment."

The movie's target audience aligns with ADT's, and it's a message the Incredibles "just helps us to underscore so well," Hendrickson said.

The former Parr residence was obliterated in the finale of 2004's The Incredibles, and the sequel, taking place immediately afterwards, sees the family set up with a new mid-century modern household courtesy of communications company Devtech.

Ran by brother-sister duo Winston (Bob Odenkirk) and Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener), Devtech wants to reintroduce supers — tapping housewife and mother of three Helen to once again don her identity of superhero Elastigirl, leaving Bob (Craig T. Nelson) in charge of daily parenting duties.

Incredibles 2 opens June 15. The characters will then star in The Incredicoaster — a renovated and re-themed California Screamin' roller coaster at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California — which opens at the park's all-new Pixar Pier area June 23.