'Incredibles 2' Promo Art Could Be First Look at Brad Bird's Sequel

Incredibles 2 Concept Art
(Photo: Disney D23 App Screenshot)

With D23 Expo coming up next week, more information about the Disney fan convention is also being revealed -- including some images that they may have wanted to keep to themselves a little longer.

One new update is a signing event with Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird as well as producers Nicole Paradis Grindle and John Walker. The D23 app reveal may have given fans the first exclusive artwork that the creative team will sign at the event has sparked some questions about whether this is the first look at Incredibles 2 concept art

The D23 Expo-exclusive art features the Incredibles 2 logo which was revealed at the last Disney Expo and many of the details of the art appear to refer to the original movie. The film's characters do not appear to have aged and while Pixar usually ages sequel characters, other animated series disregard real world time, such as another project Bird worked on, The Simpsons. Other references, such as Mr. Incredible's car and the Underminer, who was initially rumored to be the villain for the sequel, could indicate that this is just recycled concept art from the first Incredibles film.

However, the notable absence of Syndrome, his Omnidroids and other film-specific details as well as an unknown raccoon may hint at the exclusive being concept art for the sequel.

There are few details currently available about the Incredibles sequel beyond a scheduled release date of June 15, 2018 and that Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter and composer Michael Giacchino are all returning. More information on the second installment is expected at D23 Expo next week.