Into the Spider-Verse Producer Reveals How The Team Adapted to Their New Netflix Movie

The Mitchells vs The Machines is getting some help from the team that worked on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Producer Chris Miller recently shared a Twitter thread about what they had done to beef up their work. He’s serving as a producer on the Netflix feature as well. Miller credits Michael Lasker for the distinct look of The Mitchells vs The Machines. Netflix debuted the big trailer for the movie earlier this week. Fans were happy about the animation on display in that short look. Spider-Verse seems to have ushered in some more experimental or expressive art styles in big animated family movies. That can only be a good thing when it comes to having a variety of stories told on-screen.

“The characters themselves have subtle hand-painted outlines as well as the props and environments -even hair is made with watercolor washed shapes accented with linework,” Miller explained. “Katie Mitchell is a filmmaker who uses technology to make mixed media short films so her world is filled with her aesthetic…”

“Production Designer @lindseydraws had her team including @lilynishita & @AliceLemma draw 2D “KatieVision” around her to represent her worldview. Everything from little squiggles to more complicated cartoonery,” he continued. “The world of Olivia Coleman’s PAL has a totally different palette and is much cleaner and looks like a Journey album cover.”

Director Mike Rianda talked about the intimate nature of this story for him.


"This is a very personal movie about my very weird family. I’m so grateful to all the incredible artists that poured their love and passion into this project to make it a reality, and to everyone at Sony who believed in us and were on board to make a different kind of animated movie.” Rianda explained. "I'm so thrilled that everyone at Netflix has been totally in sync with us creatively and are just as excited about the movie as we are! Not only because it's an original story with a creative visual style that we're extremely proud of, but also so I can prove to my friends that this five-year journey wasn't an elaborate delusion on my part."

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