Iron Man 3, Man Of Steel, & The Wolverine: Superheroes In The Snow

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What do three of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer of 2013 have in common? Well, in addition to featuring superheroes, Iron Man 3, Man Of Steel, & The Wolverine all appear to have a winter-time setting. For Iron Man 3, the majority of the film appears to be set in winter, shortly before Christmas time. When visited shooting locations for Iron Man 3 this past summer, one common theme we noticed was fake snow and Christmas decorations. Many have joked that the seasonal setting might be due to director Shane Black, who has a history of setting his movies at Christmas time. However, it's not just a Shane Black thing, as superheroes playing in the snow appears to be a new trend. In the first trailer for Man Of Steel, there is a scene that shows Clark Kent hitchhiking in the snow. The trailer also shows Clark Kent working as an Alaskan crab fisherman, so it's unclear if the winter scenery only relates to just one segment from the movie or the entire movie. Even The Wolverine is jumping into the winter theme. Recent video and photos from the Sydney set where The Wolverine has been filming have shown a Japanese village set covered in snow. Early set photos of a shaggy haired, bearded Hugh Jackman wearing a heavy coat also seem to re-enforce that it's going to be a cold time for Wolverine. So why are all the summer superhero movies going with a snow theme? Maybe, the blame lies with Christopher Nolan. Nolan set much of The Dark Knight Rises in winter in Gotham. The winter imagery helped to re-enforce a dark and grim vibe, which the other upcoming superhero movies might be trying to replicate.

Man of Steel snow