James Bond: No Time to Die Plot Spoilers and Surprise Character Supposedly Leak

James Bond: No Time to Die plot spoilers have supposedly been revealed. A casting call sheet from [...]

James Bond: No Time to Die plot spoilers have supposedly been revealed. A casting call sheet from the Italy portion of director Cary Fukunaga's shoot was posted onto eBay, and it contains key scene information that helps to fill in a lot of No Time to Die's character and story arcs. However, the most explosive reveal of this supposed plot leak is an ending/epilogue to film, which could introduce a major new twist to the James Bond franchise. It also may be a big reveal about how Daniel Craig will end his run as James Bond - it is something that could divide fans! - Major Potential SPOILERS Follow!

No Time to Die Story & Character Leaks

Here's a breakdown of the character information that was contained in the eBay call sheets, compiled by Bond fan site MI6-HQ:

  • Game Night and Tell Me a Story actor Billy Magnussen is apparently playing Ash, a CIA agent, will be against Bond in the climax of the third act as he will be 'coordinating the pursuit of Bond' in his Defender.
  • We get additional info on trailer scenes like Bond and Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) swimming in Puglia, Italy's famous "Cave of Poetry", as well as the DB5 car chase sequence in where Bond and Madeleine seems to have a crisis of trust. And we get some car-gunfire stunts.
  • Safin's lair is confirmed as a submarine pen on an island.

No Time to Die Surprise Character Revealed?

James Bond Not Time to Die Ending Spoilers Madeleine Clone Mathilde

The big reveal in the Italy call sheets is a very late scene, which seems to indicate that No Time to Die will have an extended epilogue sequence. As for what is in that epilogue? Something that could explain how Daniel Craig's James Bond will end his story. This is your final warning - MAJOR SPOILERS May Follow!

One of the late scenes in James Bond: No Time to Die is apparently taking place on the island lair of the film's villain, Safin (Rami Malek). The scene features Madeleine, new 007 character Nomi (Lashana Lynch), and... a little 5-year-old girl named Mathilde, apparently, played by child actress Lisa-Dorah Sonnet.

The call sheet apparently lists several key scenes featuring Mathilde, including:

  • Scene #201: EXT DEAD TREE, FOGGY FOREST - "Bond sees a hiding place" (Bond, Mathilde)
  • Scene #235: EXT RIB - "Nomi pilots Madeleine and Mathilde to safety with island in the background"
  • Scene #243: EXT NEARBY ISLAND - Coverage and wide shot (Madeleine, Nomi, Mathilde)
  • Scene #253: INT VANTAGE, MATERA - "Madeleine is going to tell Mathilde a story, they drive into a tunnel"

Who Is Mathilde?

So who is this Mathilde? Well MI6-HQ has some theories to share - based on prior information we've seen in the film. The working theory is that No Time to Die starts soon after the events of Spectre, but the reveal of Safin and his connection to Madeleine (the villain's childhood crush) causes a split between Madeleine and Bond, which ends with Bond retiring. Five years later, the main story of No Time to Die begins with Bond being called out of retirement in Jamaica; Nomi having become the new 007, and MI6 having moved on from the Bond era - resulting in the comedic trailer scenes of Bond trying to get back his clout.

The twist will reportedly that Safin is working on cloning, and that Mathilde will turn out to be a clone of Madeleine that he grew - possibly using her as a hostage to bend Madeleine's loyalties.

How Daniel Craig's Bond Will End

With the reveal of Mathilde, there seems to be an ending for Daniel Craig's James Bond now in sight: 007-level dad!

It's a plotline that sort of played out in Ian Flemings' books, as Bond unknowingly impregnated Kissy Suzuki in You Only Live Twice, opening the door to him potentially becoming a father one day. No Time to Die could be revisiting that idea in a much more sci-fi (and frankly weird) way.

James Bond: No Time to Die is currently slated to hit theaters on November 25th.