Jeff Bridges Gives Cancer Update, Reveals Shaved Head And New Puppy

Jeff Bridges has offered his fans an update regarding his cancer treatment. The actor was [...]

Jeff Bridges has offered his fans an update regarding his cancer treatment. The actor was diagnosed with Lymphona in October, sharing the news on social media nearly two months ago. Now, he seems to be in high spirits as treatment is underway. The actor known for his roles in The Big Lebowski and Iron Man shared a photo from his home where he is laid up comfortably with his new puppy, Monty, after celebrating his 71st birthday. An outpouring of love and support for Bridges followed in the post's comment section.

Bridges wrote, "Here's the latest: Feeling good. Shaved my head. Got a puppy - Monty. Had a Birthday - 71, man."

The optimistic approach to the chemotherapy treatments is in line with his positive outlook when he announced the diagnosis back in October. "As the Dude would say...New S**T has come to light," Bridges tweeted on October 19. "I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Although it is a serious disease, I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I'm starting treatment and will keep you posted on my recovery."

In late October, Bridges shared a photo of himself to thank his fans for the support. He posed with his IV treatment at the hospital, still having his hair and beard ahead of the chemotherapy treatment.

"I'm profoundly grateful for the love and support from my family and friends," Bridges wrote on October 20. More updates regarding the actor's health are available on his personal blog,

Bridges is known well to the comic book audience for his role as the villain of Iron Man. His Obediah Stane character helped launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe and went on to appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the most recent entry to the MCU, recycled footage from the 2008 Iron Man film to serve its story. Bridges also appeared in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a film based on the Icon Comics series Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Of course, the dude's acting career far exceeds work in comic book movies. Some of his most popular titles include Crazy Heart, Hell or High Water, and the 1984 film Starman. He played roles in Tron, the 2010 follow up Tron: Legacy, and boasts nearly 100 credits.