Joe Casey & Chris Burnham's Officer Downe Finds Film Financing


The movie adaptation of Joe Casey and Chris Burnham's Officer Downe has found financing, with Living Out Loud Films joining the project. Voltage Pictures will shop the film to international financers at this week's European Film Market in Berlin.

The graphic novel tells the story of a police officer who cannot be killed, and keep returning to duty on the streets every time he's "killed."

Slipknot drummer M. Shawn Crahan will direct the film. Crahan's has previous experience directing several of Slipknot's music videos.

"Very excited to dive back into badass muscular cinema akin to what we did in Crank," said producers Mark Neveldine and Skip Williamson in a statement. "With Shawn steering the ship and the subversive insanity of the world Joe created, we'll have something unforgettable."

Production on Officer Downe is expected to being in March.


(via THR)