John Carpenter Wants to Work With Kurt Russell on a New Project

Filmmaker John Carpenter returned to the world of Halloween for the first time in more than 30 [...]

Filmmaker John Carpenter returned to the world of Halloween for the first time in more than 30 years by producing Halloween in 2018, with the filmmaker recently detailing that another reunion he'd be interested in is working with actor Kurt Russell on a project. Carpenter didn't detail what type of project he'd like that to be, or if the pair have talked about possibly working together again, instead expressing how much fun they've had on their various collaborations over the years. While the filmmaker might be getting more active in recent years, it's unknown when, or if, Carpenter himself could write or direct a new film.

"There's a whole lot that I haven't worked with. Jennifer Lawrence, she's a brilliant actress. Amy Adams – brilliant actress," Carpenter shared with NME when discussing performers he'd like to collaborate with. "I would love to work with them, but chances of that are kind of slim. You just don't know what's going to happen. I'd also really like to work with Kurt Russell again. That would be fun. We had such a good time working together."

The pair first worked together on the 1979 TV movie Elvis, ultimately leading to the dystopic action-adventure film Escape from New York. Carpenter and Russell also worked together on The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China, as well as 1996's Snake Plissken sequel Escape from L.A.

The last film Carpenter directed was 2010's The Ward, with the filmmaker focusing on his musical career in the decade since. Carpenter followed his return to Halloween by producing the upcoming Halloween Kills, which may have revived his interest in filmmaking. He teased earlier this year that there could be more projects for him on the horizon.

"You might! I'm working on a couple of things," Carpenter confirmed to The Daily Beast when asked if we'd see him direct again. "But I'm not doing anything for a while, until the world comes back and rights itself. It's insane now. It's nuts! I'm not going to go out there and get sick."

Reports emerged years ago that he would be directing an episode of the adaptation of his Tales for a Halloween Night TV series, based on his comics from Storm King, but that project has stagnated for the time being, leaving fans to wonder where that project could move forward.

Halloween Kills is slated to hit theaters on October 15th.

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