Josh Brolin Hated Jonah Hex

If you hated the 2010 Jonah Hex movie, you're far from alone.Not only is it one of the most [...]


If you hated the 2010 Jonah Hex movie, you're far from alone.

Not only is it one of the most loathed comic book adaptations in recent memory, and not only did it lose $70 million at the box office...but even its own star didn't like it.

Furthermore, Avengers: Infinity War villain Josh Brolin, who played the titular antihero, says that if he were willing to put up a few million dollars, he's confident he has an idea to make a Jonah Hex movie that would be successful and inexpensive -- two things his version wasn't at all.

"Oh, 'Jonah Hex,' hated it. Hated it," he told Nerdist during a recent podcast interview (via IndieWire). "The experience of making it — that would have been a better movie based on what we did. As opposed to what ended up happening to it, which is going back and reshooting 66 pages in 12 days and that being… Listen, I understand it's financiers, you're trying to save their money and it becomes a financial thing, but if — there's this thing called revenge trading. And I'm disciplined enough to know you never do it. But with 'Jonah Hex,' if I had $5 million — which is always how I saw that movie. I remember when I was talking to Warner Bros. about doing that movie, 'High Plains Drifter' is what I put on the TV, I said, 'That's what I wanna do.' I would do that movie still. If I ever had the balls to spend $5 million, which I don't, I would do that movie, 'cause that's the version of that movie that would have been successful, for sure. And it didn't need to cost anything more than $8-$10 million."

Jonah Hex, of course, will soon appear on DC's Legends of Tomorrow on The CW. That version of the character, played by Johnathon Schaech, made his first onscreen appearance in a cameo on tonight's episode of The Flash.

Created in 1972, Jonah Hex is arguably DC's last great Western hero. The character has been in and out of print since the '70s, most recently headlining the DC Comics series All-Star Western for the first four years or so of the New 52.