'Jurassic Park's' T-Rex Official Name Revealed

There's been one aspect of the Jurassic Park mythos that has long confused fans: what the official [...]

There's been one aspect of the Jurassic Park mythos that has long confused fans: what the official name is for the franchise's T-Rex. For a long time, fans have gotten by giving the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex nicknames like "Rexy" - but now it seems the official name has been revealed.

Whenever you re-watch Jurassic Park or the new Jurassic World movies, you may now refer to the T-Rex by her true name: "Roberta!"

Found out the Jurassic Park T Rex is officially called Roberta from r/movies

As you can see above, Jurassic Park's dinosaur supervisor Phil Tippett recently put his original storyboards for the film up for auction. Those storyboards contain details that never actually made it into the film. One of those details was the reveal that "Roberta" was the name for the T-Rex that the crew used when operating the animatronic Dino. That should settle any further debate about this particular topic, as it doesn't get much more official than that!

Of course, the Internet is going to Internet, as they say: There already seems to be a growing debate in the Reddit threads about whether this official name is better than all of the nicknames fans have given the T-Rex over the years. It's pretty clear that fans will have a hard time letting go of "Rexy," as it's the name they've been going with, ever since Jurassic Park came along and injected the magic of living dinosaurs into their lives.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom saw Roberta still running free on Isla Nublar after the fall of the Jurassic World park. Roberta was one of a handful of dinos that were rescued from the doomed island, to be transported to the mansion of cloning process co-creator Benjamin Lockwood, where Lockwood's traitorous assistant, Gunnar Eversol schemed to sell the dinosaur collections to the highest bidders in a crowd of arms dealers, terrorists, and black market scientists. Thanks Lockwood's cloned daughter, Maisie, the dinos were set free from their captivity to roam the modern world, unchecked. In th case of Roberta, that freedom led right to a local zoo, where the T-Rex is seen challenging the current king of the animal kingdom: a majestic lion. Needless to say, that outcome of that fight seems pretty obvious.

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