Zack Snyder Reveals Black Suit Superman Scene For Justice League Cut

In place of San Diego Comic-Con this week, a whole group of virtual conventions popped up in its [...]

In place of San Diego Comic-Con this week, a whole group of virtual conventions popped up in its place. First, there's Comic-Con@Home, the major outfit from the same organizers behind SDCC. Then there are events like #SaveDaredevilCon and Justice Con, featuring content geared towards fans of Daredevil and Justice League. During the latter of the two events, Zack Snyder made an appearance and debuted the first official clip for his take on Justice League. In the clip, Superman lands at Bruce Wayne's compound in a black suit to speak with Jeremy Irons' Alfred.

With the popularity behind the Snyder Cut, tidbits have continued to surface since the project was first announced earlier this year. According to a recent interview with Snyder himself, Henry Cavill's Superman will have a much larger role in the film, including some major character moments fans of the character will enjoy.

"I love the idea of Superman going on a journey with his character," Snyder explained. "I love the idea of Superman having to reconcile his morality, reconcile his place on Earth, reconcile love affair with Lois and how that affects the way he relates to humanity and all those things as we all do with the normal relationships we all have in our daily lives. So I think that when you see Superman grapple with those things, he becomes a lot more relatable.

"When I see Superman having to figure out what to do, I now can go like, 'Wow, if I was Superman...' Superman is such an abstract character, in his powers and what he's able to do. Anytime you can bring him back down to Earth, he becomes a lot more relatable, and for that he's more interesting. A huge respect for his moral code, and I think his ultimate place as the top of the pyramid of the DC superhero world. In the end he has to achieve that pinnacle."

"I always felt like that was what I was doing," the director said. "Now with the resurrection sort of theme, who is he now? When you touch the eternal, in the sense that coming back from the grave. How are we changed by that?"

Zack Snyder's Justice League is expected to hit HBO Max sometime next year.

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