Kevin Smith Says 'Ghostbusters' Sequel is Going to be Amazing

Earlier this week, director Kevin Smith joined collaborator, Marc Bernardin, to discuss the latest [...]

Earlier this week, director Kevin Smith joined collaborator, Marc Bernardin, to discuss the latest news in pop culture on their show Fatman Beyond. One topic they focused on was the recent news of an upcoming Ghostbusters film.

"So, they're making another Ghostbusters movie," Bernardin teased.

"Yes! This was exciting wonderful f****** news that we got last week," Smith replied. "Well, you guys got last week. I heard—"

"Shut up!," Bernardin jokingly tried to interrupt the brag.

"I heard a long time ago," Smith continued. "Jason Reitman was over the house and did an episode of SModcast a couple weeks back and before we did the show we were sitting around talking, because Jason had a bit of a rough year. He had two movies come out and then neither of them, like, you know, f****** set the world on fire and stuff. And they're both really well done movies, but, you know, nothing about his work changed. If anything, he got better at his job, but the response hasn't been the same as it was earlier in his career, and I'm like 'oh I know a thing or two about that.'

The aforementioned films were The Front Runner and Tully, which currently have a 59% and 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively. Smith recommended Reitman choose something that would make him happy for his next project.

"I got something," Reitman explained. Smith asked and when Reitman revealed it would be a new Ghostbusters movie, he was beyond thrilled.

"I was like, 'holy f***, man!' I was like, 'I was sitting here counseling you and your break the glass plan is Ghostbusters III?! F*** me in the mouth, congratulations!," Smith shared.

However, he added that Reitman never wanted to follow in his father's Ghostbusting footsteps. "I was never gonna go near that," Reitman said, "but I have a take on it."

In fact, Reitman was leaving the next day to shoot the teaser.

"I kept it quiet and s***, so he better put me in the f****** movie," Smith joked.

"He told me some s*** and, to be fair, he did not give it up freely. I had to drag s*** out of him and I had to trick some s*** out of him, but he told me some s*** that had me go like 'alright, now I just need to stay alive until 2020' because this movie is definitely worth seeing."

"Definitely going to be a Ghostbusters movie that makes lots of folks happy," Smith added.

"Is it ever gonna be as good as we want it to be?," asked Bernardin.

"I think we may have something here," Smith explained. "I think it's gonna be special."

Someone in the audience asked about Rick Moranis, so Smith decided to shut down the conversation before their guesswork made headlines.

"Now we're just speculating and people are gonna write articles, 'f****** Kevin Smith says Rick Moranis is coming out of retirement.' It's not f****** true at all. But Kevin Smith says that movie is gonna be f****** amazing," he added.

"Do you hear that Kevin Smith says it's gonna be amazing." Bernardin added. We hear you, Marc! Thanks for the tip!

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