Kevin Smith Selling Custom Videos To Help Friends Fund an Indie Film

Following a successful charity campaign on Cameo, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot director Kevin Smith has [...]

Following a successful charity campaign on Cameo, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot director Kevin Smith has created his own, simialr service -- "Keveeeo" -- designed to give his fans a chance to get custom video messages made, while he uses the money to help filmmaker Josh Roush and his wife Liv produce an independent film based on a screenplay written by Josh Roush, apparently several years ago. The pair are friendly with Smith from working with him on his podcasts, YouTube series, and the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow. Smith's pricing includes three tiers -- at $100, $200, and $300 -- each of which gives a timetable for Smith to turn your video message around.

The turnaround is pretty simple. At the $100 rate, you can get a 2-month turnaround; $200 is one month or less; and $300 is a week. Smith says in the video that he will deliver whatever message he's asked (although he would rather you didn't ask him to fire someone).

You can check out their pitch below.

The video is fun, if only for the trio discovering in real time what they were going to call the website.

There are no details as to what the movie is that Smith is funding, but Smith has, for years, been building a film community around his View Askew Productions, giving fans who love his work a chance to watch the work of others in his sphere.

During the pandemic, Smith has remained active; besides his regular podcasts and the That Kevin Smith Club (which gives fans access to exclusive content and archives for his podcasts going back further than other platforms keep), he took part in a TBS-sponsored competition in which his short-form sitcom -- Son-In-Lockdown -- and raised about $25,000, coming in second in the competition.

He has also taken part in a number of online events, like our Quarantine Watch Party event, in which we did a double-feature of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jay and Silent Bob Face the Music, which Smith tweeting along. All of this, while he finished the Twilight of the Mallrats script and announced some key casting, including AP Bio and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot star Aparna Brielle as the daughter of Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee).

You can check the Keveeeo website out at the link above if you want to get your personalized message and help support the film.