Kevin Smith Teases Clerks III Trailer Release

It's been a little while since we've gotten updates on the much anticipated Clerks III, but on Saturday filmmaker Kevin Smith dropped a pretty major one. Smith posted on Twitter over that he's seen a first version of the Clerks III trailer and not only does he love it, but he also teased when fans might get to see the official trailer for themselves — and it's sooner than you might expect.

In his post, Smith praised the first pass of the trailer as well as the people who put it together and then also teased that he's hopeful he will be able to share the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

"The [Lionsgate] folks showed me a first pass of the Clerks III trailer and I f-cking LOVE IT!" Smith wrote. "Trailer cutting is a storytelling art form entirely unto itself – and the artists behind what I saw have my respect and awe! Hoping I get to share it during my Hall H panel at ComiCon…"

Smith recently revealed his Comic-Con plans, sharing that he intends to have an extensive presence at the event, setting up shop at the Tin Roof Inn which will serve as his sort of base of operations for the week, including podcasting, streaming, and Mooby's.

"I can't wait. We're taking over the Tin Roof Inn, turning it into a Mooby's, and that's going to be our hub for the whole week," Smith revealed. "So during the day, Mooby's will be open. We'll be doing some streaming things; I believe we're going to be doing Fatman Beyond live every day, like a kind of "this is what happened at the con today"...and then at night, we'll be doing the shows in the space because we have the space for 150, 200 seat audience. Normally we do shows when we're down there...we'll do them there at the space, so people can eat Mooby's, get their drink on, watch the show. It's going to be a good time."

As for when Clerks III will hit theaters, the film doesn't yet have a release date, but Smith has previously suggested a release date later in 2022.

"It's gonna be a minute before the rest of the world gets to see it. Clearly, it ain't gonna be out in 2021," Smith said last year. "Somewhere between mid-to-late 2022, I assume. I know nothing, I'm just assuming, because we'll be done by then. I think we do our sound mix in like the second half of July, and I think we deliver in March… that doesn't mean that the movie comes out in March, it just means, 'Here you go, Lionsgate, a completely finished movie.' When they come out with it, it's gonna be up to them."

Clerks III stars Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Rosario Dawson, Trevor Ferhman, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Jason Mewes as Jay and Kevin Smith as Silent Bob.

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