Knives Out 2 Adds Janelle Monae to Cast

The cast of Rian Johnson's highly-anticipated Knives Out sequel just keeps getting better and better. When news broke that Netflix had shelled out more than $400 million to make two more Knives Out movies, the only known cast member was Daniel Craig, reprising his role as Benoit Blanc. Well, it looks like Johnson is trying to surround Craig with a cast that is every bit as talented and recognizable as the one he led in the first film. As pre-production ramps up, the cast continues to grow, and now Janelle Monae becomes the latest big name to join the roster.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Monae is in talks to join the cast of Knives Out 2, which will begin shooting this summer in Greece. The details of her character are being kept under wraps, but THR's Borys Kit has suggested that she will be taking on a similar role to either Ana De Armas or Lakeith Stanfield from the first movie.

Monae is the third massive name to join Craig in the cast of Knives Out 2 this week, following the news of Dave Bautista and Edward Norton each being tapped for roles. Production is just around the corner, so Johnson and producer Ram Bergman are clearly hard at work putting the cast together.

Before taking on this new role in Knives Out, Monae recently starred in Antebellum and the second season of Amazon's Homecoming.

There's no telling what Knives Out 2 will be about, but we at least know when it's arriving, where it will be released, and that it will definitely have a sequel. Earlier this year, Netflix made a massive deal with Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman to acquire the rights to release not one, but two Knives Out sequels. The streaming service reportedly shelled out more than $400 million for the new hit franchise. Knives Out 2 will start filming in Greece in the coming months with a planned 2022 bow on Netflix.


What do you think of the cast of Knives Out 2 so far? Do you think it has the potential to be even better than the cast of the first film? Let us know in the comments!