Rian Johnson Confirms Chris Evans Will Not Return for Knives Out Sequel

Rian Johnson scored a smash-hit with Knives Out last year, and now people are wondering how the [...]

Rian Johnson scored a smash-hit with Knives Out last year, and now people are wondering how the sequel will look. One person who will not be in attendance is Marvel star Chris Evans. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Johnson to talk about the follow-up and he told them that this was going to be a bit of a fresh start. A moment of silence for everyone that was looking forward to Evans donning yet another luxurious sweater in the next film. But, all is not lost as there will be other surprises next time around.

"Think of it like another Hercule Poirot novel from Agatha Christie. So, whole new location, whole new cast. Does that cancel out all your questions?" Johnson joked, before the question of Evans and his chunky sweater drops. "Not in my movie, but in life? I mean, he lives in Boston so, why not?"

The tone was absolutely playful, but anyone hoping to see the Captain America actor in the follow-up can put those hopes to bed right now. Johnson's Christie allusion makes a ton of sense as the protagonist gets whisked away to a bunch of really tropical locales. So, while you might miss out on some of the stellar actors that played a role in the first movie, the spirit will still be left intact. Even so, Evans has been adamant about his respect for the director.

"When we first went and grabbed dinner together, it was the first time we actually got to sit down and talk about the project and, you know, those are the times where you're just kind of nervous about how… that kind of sets the trajectory of the job," Evans explained. "It was just so exciting to kind of hear your take on things and just hear the way you think and I'd seen all your work and it was just kind of one of those things where I left the lunch with those little butterflies... just kind of excited and grateful that I got to be in this project."

So, obviously the respect is still there, and they will probably work together again. It's not like Evans has a time-consuming thing like being Captain America to take up that time anymore.