Here Is What Lady Gaga Could Look Like As Poison Ivy

The Batman movie reboot will be offering DC fans a whole new take on Batman's world. With some big [...]

The Batman movie reboot will be offering DC fans a whole new take on Batman's world. With some big casting possibilities still ahead of us, there's one Batman fan who definitely knows who he would want to play the character of Poison Ivy: Lady Gaga! As you can see in the artwork below, artist Carlos Gzz sees Gaga having the sultry, ethereal spirit that would be a fit for Dr. Pamela Isley, aka "Poison Ivy". The artwork makes a compelling case for the casting, which would definitely raise more than a few eyebrows if it was to actually go down.

As stated, the artwork by Carlos Gzz captures the sultry nature of Poison Ivy - and subsequently Lady Gaga's own ethereal persona as an entertainer. Of course, more than a few DC fans will look at this kind of fan-casting and be instantly reminded of when Uma Thurman tried to take on the Poison Ivy role in Batman & Robin. That was a scene-chewing and over-the-top performance that did not ingratiate fans with the concept of a live-action Poison Ivy. The character has sat on the back-burner of the Batman movie franchise, ever since.

However, while Ivy hasn't been a big presence in the movies, she has grown into a much more well-developed and layered character elsewhere in the DC Universe. Batman comics (and other series like Gotham City Sirens) have seen Ivy turn into a full-on anti-hero alongside her teammates Catwoman and Harley Quinn - the latter of whom has been Ivy's romantic interest at points in the comics (and in the excellent Harley Quinn animated series). While she is still very much an eco-terrorist at heart, changing attitudes about both environmental concerns and female characterization have created a much more gray area for a nuanced version of Poison Ivy to exist in. She's definitely ready to make a return to live-action - be it in The Batman's darker, edgier, Noir world, or a sequel to Birds of Prey movie, featuring the Gotham City Sirens team (as was once planned).

As for Lady Gaga: she recently proved she can definitely deliver a strong-yet-nuanced character portrayal. Her in Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born remake won Gaga an Oscar for Best Original Song ("Shallow"), but also rave reviews for her actual non-singing performance as a woman of talent, struggling to embrace her gift and potential. That's already a Poison Ivy story in the making, right there...

The Batman will hit theaters on October 1, 2021.