Pauly Shore Reveals He's Said His Goodbyes To Louie Anderson

Pauly Shore revealed that he said his goodbyes to Louie Anderson this week. On Twitter, the comedian asked for prayers as he visited his friend in Las Vegas. It was just revealed that Anderson is undergoing treatment for Blood Cancer. Rolling Stone had the first report about this, and Shore gave his impressions of how the comedian is doing. Large B-cel lymphoma is a nasty disease. In the past, Anderson had been vocal about his health. Back in 2003, he talked about having a procedure to correct some unspecified heart issue. The actor is still with us, so Shore just wanted some positive energy out there. Read what he had to say down below.

"Attention comedians and @TheComedyStore alumni's I say this with a heavy heart just left the hospital in Las Vegas where Louie Anderson his sisters and close friend were kind enough to let me say my goodbyes he's still with us but keep him in your prayers," Shore wrote.

"Iconic comedian Louie Anderson is currently in a Las Vegas hospital being treated for diffuse large B cell lymphoma, a form of cancer," his representative, Glenn Schwartz, previously told Rolling Stone. "He is resting comfortably."

Last year on Conan, Anderson told the late night host that he had been losing weight during the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, he used homor to discuss a harrowing situation. "I started the pandemic at about 370 or 380 pounds depending on what I was leaning on," the comedian joked. "And now I'm 340. I'm trying to get 275 so I can get into some of my mom's actual clothes."

He continued, "I'm on the intermittent fast. One minute I'm eating, the next minute I'm not. Then I'm eating again. I figure, that way, I'm only eating for 30 minutes out of 60, which is half. I'm trying to get down to 40/20 so I'm not eating for 40 and eating for 20."

Just a few years ago, Anderson was in Coming 2 America. The movie proved to be a big hit, and the returning stars were a huge reason why. But, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Eddie Murphy gave fans some insight on how his relationship with Anderson led to him being in the first film.

"I love Louie, but I think we were forced to put Louie in it," Arsenio Hall revealed. "We were forced to put in a white person." Murphy added, "They were like, 'There has to be a white person in the movie.' I was like, 'What?' So who was the funniest white guy around? We knew Louie was cool, so that's how Louie got in the movie."

Our thoughts are with Anderson and his family, friends, and fans at this time.