Man Of Steel: Classic Superman Movie Actor Cameo Confirmed

Aaron Smolinski Man Of Steel cameo

Before the Man Of Steel was released in movie theaters, a report surfaced that a classic Superman movie actor would have a cameo in the Man Of Steel. The report eventually morphed into a rumor that Christopher Reeve would be added to the film through CGI. In fact, there is even one scene in Man Of Steel where it really does look like Christopher Reeve's face might have been put on Henry Cavill's body. However, thanks to a reader tip, now has confirmed what classic Superman actor actually had a true cameo in Man Of Steel, and it wasn't Christopher Reeve. The classic Superman movie actor with the Man Of Steel cameo was Aaron Smolinski, who appeared in the 1978 Superman, Superman II, and Superman III. In the 1978 Superman movie, Aaron Smolinski played baby Clark Kent. He appeared in the classic scene where baby Clark Kent lifts

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up a truck. In Superman II, Aaron Smolinski appeared as part of archive footage. In Superman III, Arraon Smolinski had an uncredited role as a boy at a photo booth. In Man Of Steel, Aaron Smolinski played a communications officer. So there you have it, Aaron Smolinski was the classic Superman movie actor in Man Of Steel. And what did he think of his time working on Man Of Steel? Well, according to a post on his Facebook page, Smolinski was impressed with the new Superman. Smolinski wrote, "Not only is Henry Superman, he is a SUPER guy. Actors and humankind should take lessons from him on gratitude and humility."